from the Soulographie website:

Soulographie is a durational performance event looking at 20th century America from the point of view of its relationship to genocides in the States (the Tulsa Race Riot), in East Africa (Rwanda, Uganda), and Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador). We aim to create channels of dialogue through art and conversation. 

The 17 plays by Erik Ehn that comprise the cycle will be produced independently throughout the United States, Rwanda and Uganda over the course of the 2011-2012 Season. These plays will converge at La MaMa in New York in November 2012 as Soulographie, a theatrical event featuring the plays performed in rotation. The cycle will include opportunities to reflect and converse about the issues invoked by the plays, as well as the creation of art and poetics as acts towards social change.

Visit the Soulographie website for in-depth information on the project and the individual plays and productions, including messages from playwright Erik Ehn.

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