Friday, August 3, 2012

Take Heart.... a message from Erik Ehn

Dear Team: 

Three months out. Take heart. We're gathering like a thunderhead; there will be lightning and amazement. 

Some sogginess too I'm sure, but - flowers overall... 

News will come breaking in waves; we're very close to a schedule; the dates of course are committed. 

I haven't heard anyone say it will be impossible for them to make it; some projects are needing to make cunning adjustments - but these tactics are bearing fruit. We hold to the notion that the work must be perfect... To this end: 

If life moves for you like it does for me, then likely you find yourself already projecting into the future... At a conference this summer, a speaker pointed to a language where the geography of past and future are reversed (from English). Rather than saying "the future lies ahead" or "the past is behind us," the figures run "the past is always before me" and "leave the future behind you" - in the sense that we always build, make, operate on a field immediately before us that's composed of our history - our experience, our expertise, our wounds, our treasure... Every time I open my eyes on the world I'm holding the view in place by means of the past - that's a tree, that's sunlight, that's a responsibility, that's a distraction... on the basis of learning. I reach to what I may do through the field of the past. 

With that in mind, as we plow into the fall and grow into the low-grade blindness and anxiety that passes for functional accountability in daily life, let's hang on to the past we've built so carefully, as a collective, over these years. I'm asking you to keep Soulographie right in front of you. Other things will call for your attention - many things - countless... Our performances will equal who we are, in the evolution of our craft, in the company of trusted collaborators, in a live moment of expression. We're the right people; fully present to each other, we're perfect. 

Keep me, Meredith and Soulproducers up on where you're at and what you need. Given the resources of time and space, how can we show forth your identity as a maker. Where are you at? 

Gather energy. We go deep into the view. After so long a road, we're about to find shelter. I can't wait to be with you in the new ways, so nearly available. 

Much peace, 


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