Monday, June 4, 2012

What happened at Dos Erres

Recently, This American Life aired an incredible program about the massacre at Dos Erres. It tells the story of Oscar Ramirez (pictured) and how he discovered that he is in fact a survivor of the massacre carried out by Guatemalan military in the village Dos Erres in 1982. After investigators and anthropologists followed up on some rumors of a well filled with bodies, they discover at least 162 bodies, 67 of those victims had to be under 12 years old with an average age of 7. By and by, the events of Dos Erres are uncovered.

Please be advised that this program contains reports of extreme violence. Yet, it is important to listen as this program shows how people are connected and disconnected throughout history, how the dead are still bearing witness to past atrocities and call unto the living, how the verbalizing of violence in the frames of witnessing by victims but also of confession by perpetrators still has a physical impact after many years.

Listen to the story here. This program was developed in cooperation with ProPublica who feature the story "Finding Oscar" with photos, videos, and a timeline. Read it here.

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