Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grupo Yuyachkani

Please watch these two videos of pieces by Ana Correa and Augusto Casafranca of Grupo Yuyachkani, a Peruvian theater group formed in 1971, as featured in Acting Together on the World Stage, a documentary film that highlights courageous and creative artists and peacebuilders working in conflict zones. Having grown out of a five-year initiative of Theater Without Borders, Brandeis University, and filmmaker Allison Lund, the film features theatrical works and rituals that reach beneath people's defenses in respectful ways that support communities to configure new patterns of meaning and relationships. Thus, these videos may give us more clarity around what Erik is trying to do with Soulographie in general and they also may help to inspire your own aesthetic impulses moving forward. 
Both videos provide a profound yet theoretical basis for our work in progress, a key concept being the question of what is gained from the act of re-telling/witnessing a story or the many stories of people we have never met and we initially may feel have little in common with us.
These videos can also help you understand the experience some of you had in the first two workshops for Yermedea with respect to audience responses. It's absolutely okay for us to enter this work without certainty about the final "outcome." Something else is at play and these two videos allude to that fact.

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